Why more employers offer virtual healthcare for their employees

Not so long ago, many mid-sized and large employers paid to have limited medical services on-site. Today, with virtually enabled health services, almost any business owner, small or large, can offer easy, convenient and consistent access to Ascension or Trinity Health care providers.

Virtually enabled healthcare facilitates 24/7 consultations with medical services via a computer, smartphone or other mobile device. It allows employees and employers easier access to healthcare services, when and where they need them. And, for areas where options to visit a primary care provider are limited, this can be a huge plus.

Advantages to an employer offering virtual care for their employees include:

Costs – virtual visit charges are known upfront. Lower out-of-pocket costs (approximately $49 per virtual visit versus five to six times that amount for most ER or urgent care visits) can be covered by the employer’s health insurance plan, reimbursed by the employer or paid out of pocket by employees. Employers offering virtual care tend to see a reduction in costs per employee primarily by shifting many urgent care or emergency room visits to a video visit.

Reduced absenteeism – business owners offering virtual care services are likely to see less time required by employees for healthcare visits since virtual care visits can be on-demand, allowing for greater convenience. Employees also don’t require extensive time away from work for treating many common ailments such as colds or flu.

Convenience – a virtual visit may take as little as 5 to 10 minutes and can be done from home or elsewhere 24/7 instead of traveling to a physician’s office or clinic and waiting to be seen.

Employee satisfaction – Healthier employees have increased job satisfaction, which contributes to employee retention. That can also result in lower absentee rates that typically translate into higher productivity for employers.

Competitive benefits – offering virtual care enables employers to stay competitive and attract new talent by creating a workplace that offers improved work/life balance while clearly demonstrating concern for employee health and welfare.

Virtually enabled healthcare is an inevitable and emerging trend in health service delivery. If your company is ready and would like to find out more, click here https://www.togetherhealthnetwork.org/virtualcaremi/ or call 248-286-4401 to speak with one of our staff.